How to Make Payment

Due to the frequent questions we receive daily concerning payment methods, we have decided to bring in this page to simplify procedures for our customers. We advise that all customers should carefully go through this page before making a purchase, as this will ease your activity on our site.

NOTE: Packages are only shipped upon confirmation of payment!!! Also, note that our payments are not automatic; you will have to send a screenshot or clear photo of the payment transaction.

1. Cryptocurrency: (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum)

The best payment option available. Fast, easy, anonymous ad secure. We best recommend Cryptocurrency as the first method because it is the most convenient, fast, reliable, anonymous and secure means of payment.

You can use the links below to follow the steps in paying with cryptocurrency

Visit the link below if it is your first time trying to use cryptocurrency. It will show you the steps on how to buy cryptocurrency.

The steps on how to send cryptocurrency are outline in the link below. Just click on the link below and you will see the steps on how send cryptocurrency

Once your payment is successfully sent, email us a screenshot of the transaction to our support email, which is or, with your order number as the email subject.