Delta 8 Pro THC Cartridge UK



Delta 8 Pro THC Cartridge UK

Delta 8 Pro THC Cartridge UK are infuse with full spectrum botanical terpenes. Each terpene variety is consists of over 100 individual terpenes. Thereby giving the user a mild psychoactive effect without paranoia or anxiety. Furthermore, packaging says 750mg delta 8 but there is likely 800-900mg delta 8 thc per cartridge. This is due to the slight variance in potency of the delta 8 distillate that we use to make the cartridges.

These vape cartridges are 510 thread and are best use with a battery that has a warming feature and a button.  However, they will also work with several breath or “draw” activated batteries.  These cartridges are lab tested and Certified Lead-Free. They have a ceramic heating element and lead-free glass.

Recommended Use: Screw cartridge in to battery and remove protective cover on mouthpiece. Press button on battery and gently inhale for 2-3 seconds.  These cartridges can hit hard, so take small puffs. Exhale the vapors within 1-2 seconds.  There is no need or benefit for holding in your vapors for a length of time. Store your vape cartridge upright, at ambient temperature and out of direct sunlight to prevent leakage.

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Delta 8 Pro

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