Elite Elevation Live Resin Carts



Elite Elevation Live Resin Carts

Elite Elevation Live Resin Carts are made using a mix of premium live resin (HTE – High Terpene Extract) and terpene ‘sauce’ (HTFSE – High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract). They are both extracted in house and made using high quality flash frozen flowers.

This full spectrum extraction method enables the live resin to preserve the entire terpene profile. Meanwhile delivering a potent, flavourful and smooth vapour experience. This product contains NO additional thinning agents such as Propylene Glycol (PG), MCT or Vegetable Glycerin (VG). The vape carts requires a 510 thread battery.

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Elite Elevation

Alaskan Thunder Fuck, Blackberry Punch, Blue Dream, Couch Lock, Mac #1, Panic Attack, Pineapple Express, Purple Space Cookies, Red Congolese, Royal Moby, Utopia Haze


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