Korova Vape Cartridges UK



Korova Vape Cartridges UK

Korova is infamous for their incredibly potent products. Now they offer a line of some of the hardest hitting oil cartridges available. So they currently have one for each strain category which includes sativa, indica and hybrid. However, their cartridges come pre-filled with 0.5ml of THC oil and utilize CCELL technology. Buy Korova Vape Cartridges UK

A 100% solvent free pre-filled vape cartridge, unmatched in its potency, purity and flavors. Also a translucent oil, anywhere from 75% to 98% THC. This activated by a specially develope process to make it effective in oral and trans-demand applications. The distillate Korova makes is incredibly potent and sets in fast. The flavor is excellent and full bodied.

Setting the high standards for strong potency and smart dosing within the camnabis products market. They have been advancing the medical marijuana industry. One delicious products and quality flower nug at a time.

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Cherry Limeade, Gelato, Mendo Breath, Mimosa, OG Kush, Pineapple Sorbet, Romulan Haze, Runtz, Super Silver Haze, Tropical Truffle


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