Magnum PI Cannabis Strain



THC: 11% – 12%


Magnum PI Cannabis Strain

At most, this strain tops out at 12% THC, offering newbies a way to explore cannabis without going overboard. Her nugs are quite pretty and while they may be lumpy and dense. They proudly display bright red hairs and a super thick coating of white trichomes. Buy Magnum PI Cannabis Strain

Medical Benefits: In combination with its moderate 11-12% THC level, these vibrant effects make Magnum PI perfect for treating Chronic Fatigue, Depression, Cramps, and Chronic Pain. 

Imagine a room full of smoke that clouds your vision and then suddenly blasting a fan and clearing everything right up – this is exactly what Magnum PI will do to your mind. One of the more clear-headed and focused strains out there, users notice they’re able to be productive and creative without feeling jittery. Many like to use this bud during a workout, but really she’s great for most daytime activities. Your spirit will soar and your body will feel relaxed without the slightest bit of heaviness.

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