OG Jedi Cannabis Strain



THC: 12% – 14%, CBD: 5%


OG Jedi Cannabis Strain

Also known more commonly as “Jedi Kush,” is a 100% pure indica hybrid strain. Produce through a cross of the dank SFV OG Kush and Death Star strains. This bud is infamous among medicinal users for its crazy powerful high. Which is said to be like a warm dreamy hug of euphoria. Buy OG Jedi Cannabis Strain

Medical Benefits: These effects coupled with its average THC level of 12-14% and 1.5-2% average CBD level make OG Jedi perfect for treating conditions such as Chronic Pain, Depression, Stress, Anxiety, and Fatigue.

The high starts with an almost immediate onset of a spacey uplift happiness. Leaving you in an introspective state with borderline psychedelic effects. This is slowly accompany by a building warming numbing sensation in your limbs. Leaving you completely relax although not the least bit sedated or lethargic. Rather, your pains will be calmed and you’ll be filled with a force of cerebral stimulation and energy that are perfect for the day.

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