Purple Princess Weed Strain



THC: 14% – 19%, CBD: 1%


Purple Princess Weed Strain

This marijuana strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid. Relatively low in THC at 14%. It has predominantly physical effects that are balanced by a subtle uplift in mood. Buy Purple Princess Weed Strain

Medical Benefits: The effects are happy and giggly, creative and euphoric, sleepy and lazy, making this a good choice for patients with Anxiety, Nausea, Pain, Lack of Appetite, Insomnia. 

The high builds slowly and may engender some initial confusion as you find yourself pin down with deep feelings of contentment and relaxation. A great choice for evening use, it is a gentle stress reliever. Although too low in CBD content to be consider medical-grade. It can nevertheless reduce general aches and pains. Its particular clear and creative mental high is an antidote to work-a-day monotony.

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