Raw Garden Refined Live Resin CBD



Raw Garden Refined Live Resin CBD

Extracted from our fresh frozen flowers and produce from single-source live resin. The +CBD carts are great for beginners. Raw Garden +CBD Vape Cartridges are 100% cannabis – no additives, fillers, or artificial flavors. Produce from cannabis flower grown by Raw Garden. Buy Raw Garden Refined Live Resin CBD

These cartridges are for consumers who want to achieve a more balanced vaping experience at lower levels of THC while accessing the healing and pain reduction benefits that high-dose CBD activated by THC is believed to provide.

CBD is the second most prevalent of the active ingredients of cannabis and is a non-intoxicating compound in the plant. CBD has been known to help with depression, anxiety and inflammation. By adding CBD to our Refined Live Resin, we are able to provide a consistent experience for consumers looking for a more balanced effect.

Furthermore, their cartridges and ready-to-use pens are high in THC. Containing the natural taste and aromas of the cannabis without any additives or artificial flavors. Raw Garden vape cartridges have great quality oil. It’s a refined live resin that looks amazing and vapes smooth. Definitely one of the better cartridges out there.

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Raw Garden CBD

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